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The Morning Bowl (July 16th): Electronic Arts Is Making You Their Bitch

• According to one economist, Electronic Arts has overcharged consumers $1 billion due to its monopoly on NFL video games. I’ve been had and I didn’t even know it! [Mouthpiece Blog]

• LittleWaynesBleedingHead takes a look at how Jeff Kent’s post-retirement life has been going. [The Rookies]

• FX is developing a show about fantasy football. Okey-dokey. [Warming Glow]

• You don’t have to look far at a sporting event to find stupid people. [The Sports Hernia]

• Wysh lists his 10 can’t-miss NHL games of the upcoming season. Sorry, some of them might be on Versus. [Puck Daddy]

• Voodoo Sabermetrics and Milton Bradley: a match made in heaven. [Babes Love Baseball]