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Skier Cody Marshall Seriously Injured After Fall Off Escalator


U.S. Alpine Skier Cody Marshall is in critical condition at University Hospital in Salt Lake City after falling somewhere between 20-30 feet off an escalator.

U.S. Ski Team spokesman Tom Kelly says the 26-year-old Marshall was out with teammates when he fell off the escalator rail about 12 a.m. Thursday in a mini-mall in downtown Park City, Utah.

Jesus, that’s just terrible. My best wishes go out to Cody, his friends and his family. Here’s to Cody making a full recovery.

But isn’t it always somewhat strange when something like this happens to a person like Marshall, who risks serious injury every time he straps on the skis to do the thing he loves? It’s just like those stories you read about where the guy that goes jogging every day drops dead of a heart attack. Or to put in a way that makes sense to most of us, if a blogger were to choke to death on a Bagel Bite.

It just isn’t right.

Skier suffers head injuries after fall from escalator []