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Clear My Calendar In August: The NFL Network Is Going To Air Every Preseason Game


Who are the ad wizards who came up with one? The NFL Network, in their infinite wisdom, have decided they will broadcast every single NFL preseason game some time in the month of August. From Awful Announcing:

NFL Network is home to all the NFL preseason games for the first time with 65 games airing on the only network dedicated entirely to football. In addition for the first time, the entire NFL preseason schedule will be seen in high definition nationally including 12 live preseason games, the most in the network’s history.

If there ever comes a day when I think to myself, “You know what? Pissing away precious time watching my favorite team’s four preseason games just ain’t cutting it. I need more preseason action,” please shoot me.

If I felt like it, I probably could come up with at least 1,000 things I’d rather do than watch the August 26th preseason matchup between the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens. And even if I took the time to do so, it would be far better use of my time than watching even one of these games.

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