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The Morning Bowl (July 15th): The Phoenix Pub Is All Growns Up!


• First Derivative makes the big time and lands an interview with former ESPN and SI columnist Jeff Pearlman. Bravo, sir. [The Phoenix Pub]

• Tony Romo, product spokesman? [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Video of San Diego Chargers QB Phillip Rivers getting schooled by a high schooler. [Shutdown Corner]

• Business_Socks shares a day in the life of Andre Rison. I can dig it. [Style Points]

• Chuck Knoblockhead breaks down the curse of the Home Run Derby. [The Rookies]

• Finally, after the jump, video of Erin Andrews being stopped by TMZ in an airport. Looks like she’ll make it after all.

[H/T for video to Awful Announcing]