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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For July 15th


Alright, first of all, this has to be the worst day of the year for televised sports as tonight’s schedule is an absolute wasteland of reruns of the Home Run Derby and 1998 NFL Wildcard. So, instead of even bothering with those, tonight’s “Stuff To” is sports-free. Enjoy. games.

Fat Fuck Who Hasn’t Fucked. 650 Pound Virgin. It’s a story done a million times by Hollywood: guy balloons up to to 650 pounds; guy loses 400 pounds; guy decides he wants to make up for lost time and trade in his Big Macs for some good snatch. Watch his journey. [TLC, 10:00 ET]

Not The Basic Cable Movie Of The Night. Cannonball Run II. Do yourself a favor: skip the entire a movie and tune in during the closing credits where they show the blooper reel. Watch Burt Reynolds do his trademark laugh 50 times. Really, that’s all you need to see. [CMTV, 9:00 ET]

Oh, Bobby Flay, You Cad! Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Tonight’s episode: Fish Tacos. Stephanie March, his darling actress wife, ain’t going to like the sound of that, unless he’s actually making fish tacos, which he is – so what was my point? Linking to a photo of his wife, of course. She appears on his shows every once and a while and she’s seems really down to earth and cool. [Food Network, 9:00 ET]

Watching this will just make me jealous. Extreme Barhopping. “Fully automated wine bar; largest ice bar in the world; $10,000 drink that comes with handcuffs; sneaking into two secret bars through a phone booth and a slide.” Oh man, is the day over yet? I’m dry as friggin’ dirt, people. [The Travel Channel, 8:00 ET]