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Sidney Crosby Impostor On MySpace Raises This Pressing Question: People Still Use MySpace?


Sidney Crosby has become the latest professional athlete to find himself entangled in a situation where he has to deal with an irritating online impostor.

A message sent Monday from the MySpace page, “If You See Crosby,” asked for help to raise $3,000 for Phelps Park in Minneapolis. In exchange for a donation, preferably sent via Western Union, “Sid” promised to send a “game-played, autographed stick,” the message stated.

“That is not Sidney Crosby,” Penguins spokesman Tom McMillan said Tuesday. “He does not have a MySpace page.”

Okay. Another question: people still use Western Union? Did I get sucked through some internet time-space continuum wormhole and end up in 2003? Clearly, whoever came up with this ill-advised scheme might be a few turnips short of a full load on the truck, as the old saying goes, which makes a lot more sense when it was discovered that the person behind the plot is a female professional wrestler from Minneapolis.

Fans who received the fundraising plea were asked to send money to Stephanie Biddlecom, 23, of Minneapolis, a small-time professional wrestler known as “Cerise Keller.”

I can see Biddlecom used as much creativity coming up with her wrestling name as she did devising her Crosby Cash Conspiracy. But in an interview with Tribune-Review,  an obviously-unhinged Biddlecom insists that she has been working with Crosby to build a playground in Minneapolis burned down by a gang and that she speaks with Crosby daily. Minneapolis park officials have stated that Phelps Park is not in need repair and is not burned down.  Biddlecom also claims she first met her sister began dating his cousin.

I cannot confirm this, but I have it on good information that Biddlecom believes his cousin’s name is George Glass.

And who do you think uncovered the not-very-surprising bit of information that this MySpace page was not set up by Sidney Crosby himself? The FBI? NHL Security? Nope. Two yahoo Penguins fans.

Two Pens fans — one in Indiana County and another in Indianapolis — teamed up several months ago to expose the site after they learned Crosby had nothing to do with it.

“Could you picture Sidney Crosby asking for money over Western Union?” asked Kellie Taylor, 40, of Blairsville.

Taylor’s cyber-sleuth partner, Kristi Briggs, 38, filed a complaint Monday with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center in Richmond, Va.

Well done, ladies, but aren’t you a little old to be going through your Nancy Drew phase? And if you are going to spend the time digging up information regarding Sidney Crosby, could you please try and find out why Gary Bettman insists that someone as unappealing as Sid the Kid should be the only face that the NHL has chosen to represent the entire league? Now that’s something I’d like to find out.

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