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Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Are The Luckiest Fans In The NFL


They have consistently underachieved, their quarterback has some weird pooping disease and the team plays in the County Seat of White Trash County, Jacksonville, Florida. So how can I say that the fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are lucky, you ask? The answer is simple:

No home preseason games will be shown locally for the upcoming season.

Because the games are not expected to sell out, they can’t be aired live locally under the NFL’s blackout rules. And the team’s preseason broadcast partner — Fox and CBS affiliate WTEV — will not produce the games for a tape-delayed broadcast, the station’s general manager said.

That…is…awesome. That means the fans will only be forced to endure watching two crapfests masquerading as NFL games. I know what you’re thinking, if you don’t want to watch preseason games, don’t watch them. But if you’re anything like me, you say every year that you aren’t going to waste 3-4 hours watching third-stringers whose name you will never again come the start of the regular season. Instead, I sit there like a moron watching John David Booty skipping passes to some rookie from East Bumblefuck State.

So, congrats, Jacksonville Jaguars fans. Go out and do something productive with your time – like painting your trailer or moving hubcaps from side of the yard to the other.

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