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Can The President Throw A Baseball From The Pitcher’s Mound To Home Plate? Yes He (Barely) Can!


Hey, did anyone out there hear that President Obama was going to throw out the first pitch before the All-Star Game last night? I wish the national media would pay more attention to worthy news items like this so I could stay better informed.

His throw, overall, was not too shabby. Obama did float it a little bit, but compared to the countless others who have failed miserably at what appears to be a rather simple task, his throw was at least average, if not better. The key appeared to be that the President practiced in the Rose Garden earlier and even had a few warm-up tosses to Albert Pujols, who caught the President, in the batting cage.

“When you’re a senator, they show you no respect so they just hand you the ball. You don’t get a chance to warm up,” Obama said. “Here, at least they had me down with Pujols in the batting cage, practicing a little bit.”

Pujols was more concerned about dropping the pitch than whether or not Obama would get the ball to home plate without a bounce.

“I scooted up a little bit, but I think I was going to catch it in the air the whole way,” Pujols said. “I was more nervous not to drop the ball, believe me. I wasn’t worried about him bouncing the ball.”

I suppose we should give the President a B+ grade for his performance, especially considering the sense of humor he displayed when he stated that there would be no bailout for the struggling National League because “we’re out of money.”

Video after the jump.

Certainly not the best form, but we’ll take it. At least he didn’t pull a Mark Mallory, right?

Yikes. I bet Senator Kennedy could have thrown it better. No, not Ted – he had a stroke and making a joke like that would be flat-out mean and in poor taste. I meant Bobby – the dead one.

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