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Who Knew There Was Such A Thing As Bad Idea Judicial Robes?


Broward County Circuit Judge Marc Gold has released troubled ex-Major Leaguer Jim Leyritz on a $1,000 bond, meaning Leyritz will not have to sit and jail while waiting for his DUI manslaughter case to be heard, unleashing Leyritz on an unsuspecting populace. Leyritz was jailed earlier this month in connection with an alleged domestic incident involving his ex-wife.

Under the terms of his release, Leyritz would be allowed to live in a friend’s unoccupied house in nearby Weston, and communication between the 45-year-old former ballplayer and his ex-wife must take place only through their lawyers.

Leyritz was obviously pleased with the ruling.

Leyritz had burst into tears when Gold postponed a ruling Thursday, keeping him jailed for another weekend. After Monday’s decision, Leyritz’s attorney said his client was “very relieved.”

“I think you could see it in his face,” J. David Bogenschutz said.

I have to say I am very happy for Leyritz. Despite consuming alcoholic beverages in violation of his bail conditions, trips to the psychiatric ward and most recently the alleged domestic assault, the Judge felt Leyritz hasn’t screwed up enough yet to justify him spending a couple of months in the hoosgow. The case is scheduled to go to trial in September, which affords Leyritz plenty of time for yet another colossal fuck up.

Don’t let us down, Jim. The blogosphere is pulling for you. For your next performance, how about you push a kid with cancer in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs in a psychotic rage? You know, something with pizazz that showcases your creativity in finding new and inventive ways you go about completely ruining your life.

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