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Attractive Young Lady At Baseball Game Goes All Out For Foul Ball


Amateurishly shot but broken down with Zapruder-like intensity, after the jump we have a video of a rather comely lass (not the one pictured above, but how was I going to pass up using that photo?) getting down and dirty in her efforts to snag a foul ball at AT&T Park on Sunday during the Padres-Giants game.

Wow. Very impressive. She has a real nose for balls. Not knowing how she throws or handles a bat, I’m not willing to call her a five-tool player yet, but I’m sure there are several readers out there who would be more than willing to allow her use of their tool, if you catch my drift.

And if you happen to not catch my drift, by tool I mean their Joe Mauer Quickswing batting aid. What did you think I meant, their schlongs?

God, you guys are sickies.

[H/T to The Ultimate Drinking Game via the incomparable Total Pro Sports]