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Some Guy Named Michael Bisping Got Knockedthefuggout


Most of the hoopla surrounding UFC 100 involves the most-hated-man-in-mixed-martial-arts Brock Lesnar’s antics after he defeated Frank Mir by technical knockout, where he flipped-off the crowd, talked trash to Mir, ripped on UFC’s sponsors and said how he was going to bang his wife Sable (great write-up over on With Leather), but I’m going with Dan Henderson’s brutal knockout of Michael Bisping as the highlight of the evening.

Granted, I do not consider myself a MMA fan nor do I contend that I bring any sort of knowledge of the sport by making this claim, but Henderson absolutely lays out Bisping with a sick right hand. I didn’t see the fight live because I wasn’t going to pay $50 or whatever it would have cost and I had a freshly-painted wall that needed watching.

Video after the jump – at least until UFC honchos find out about it and take it down.

Ouch. Bisping went down quicker than a fat chick who was told she was pretty. And that’s pretty fast, so I’ve heard. I particularly enjoyed the extra shot Henderson got in after Bisping was clearly unconscious, which I suppose could be turned into a fat chick analogy as well, if you were so inclined.

Updated: The above video was taken down but here’s another one for the time being:

UFC 100: Dan Henderson flattens Michael Bisping [Newsday]