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According To A Lame ESPN Sportsnation Poll, The Cowboys And Patriots Are The NFL’s Most-Hated Teams


Wait, they needed a friggin’ poll to figure out that most people hate the Cowboys and Patriots, other than front-running bandwagon jumpers?They could have saved a lot of time by asking me, and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about at least half of the time.

1. There is no America’s Team! So said 37 percent of the more than 161,000 people asked to choose between the Cowboys (22 percent), Steelers (20 percent), Patriots (11 percent) and Packers (10 percent).

2. Only the Cowboys are more despised than the Patriots. SportsNation singled out five teams fans loved to hate. The Cowboys drew 36 percent of the vote, followed by the Patriots (34 percent), Steelers (12 percent), Giants (9 percent) and Raiders (9 percent).

Instead, they should have done a poll to find out what kind of people would even bother acknowledging the results of an ESPN Sportsnation poll. My guess is the results would break down something like this:

  • 62%: Retarded
  • 25% Severely retarded
  • 10% Down Syndrome-level retarded
  • 3% As brain dead as Terry Schiavo

Man, you gotta love science. This is science, right?

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