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The Morning Bowl (July 10th): Does Xmas Ape Have An Illegitimate Son?


• Everyone should pity poor, poor Sad Steelers Sweatshirt Boy. [With Leather]

• The Notorious MOB breaks down Colin’s Cowherd’s Sportsnation show. It ain’t pretty. [The Phoenix Pub]

• Jay Cutler is doing his best to ruin every football team in the country, one at a time. [Bootlegger Sports]

• Saberhagendaaz speculates that Bartolo Colon fell into a vat of melted chocolate and died. [Style Points]

• Video of Allen Iverson crying while talking about his scholarship program. [Deuce of Davenport]

• Finally, after the jump, video of a attempting to ride son’s dirtbike, but all she manages to do is run over an old lady in wheelchair. Perfect stuff for a Friday. [H/T  Regretful Morning via Epic Carnival]

EMBED-Why Moms Shouldnt Ride Dirtbikes – Watch more free videos