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Michael Phelps On His Sore Neck: “Doctor Said I Need A Neckiotomy”


Michael Phelps has withdrawn from the 100-meter freestyle at the U.S. National Championships due to a sore neck, despite receiving several treatments both Thursday and today.

“It wasn’t fun swimming the 100 fly with that,” he said. “I could barely move my neck to breathe. I definitely didn’t feel 100 percent.”

I hear ya, brah.  ‘Cause it’s hard being white and gifted, sometimes you wanna throw it all down and get lifted.

With that said, it has been a traumatizing and stressful year for Phelps ever since Bong-gate. Rumor has it that after treatments didn’t work out the kink, he raised his eyes to the heavens and said, “God, if you listenin’, HELP!!”

(This concludes Sportress of Blogitude’s gratuitous use of Half Baked references – we will now return to our normal programming)

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