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John Daly To Play In Canadian Open, Asks How To Say “Chicken Wings” In Canadian


Brace yourselves, Canadians: John Daly has been granted a sponsor’s exemption and will compete in the Canadian Open.

Daly is in the middle of a three-week stretch on the European Tour that will conclude next week with the British Open, where he is exempt as a former champion. The Canadian Open is a week after the British Open, held this year at Glen Abbey.

It’s nice to see that John Daly is committed to turning his life around and has rededicated himself to game of golf. Nevertheless, other than his outrageous outfits, the new John Daly is kind of boring. I’m not wishing for John Daly to hit rock bottom again, but maybe John can tip back a few Molsons, eat  some poutine and a spend a night out with the McKenzie Brothers while he is in Canada and give us some old-fashioned, John Daly-style entertainment.

Did I get enough Canadian references in there? Oh, here is one more: after getting arrested by Mounties for public intoxication, he is released without any charges pressed after he amuses them with his John Candy imitation.

Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

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