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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (July 9th)


Whoops. Forgot to schedule this one. Apologies.

• Chris Berman will be using Doppler technology to keep track of balls hit during the Home Run Derby. He tested it out earlier this week and ended up having a great time at the Blue Oyster Bar. [Awful Announcing]

• I couldn’t pass this headline up from The Onion: “Baseball Fans Delighted By New Between-Innings Fuck-Cams.” What a world that would be in which to live. I guess it depends on who is doing the fucking. [The Onion]

• General Tao pays his respects to the now-retired Joe Sakic. [Food Court Lunch]

• Punte breaks down a landmark case from Georgia that will make it easier for teachers to fuck their students. At least that is how I read it – but to be honest, my eyes started glazing over as I read it due to thinking about my 7th grade choir teacher. [With Leather]

• I don’t know what sort of drugs Shakey got his hands on, but I want some. This is brilliant. [Style Points]