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I Swear To God, I Did Not Put Them Up To It


Two horndog teenage boys in southern India were arrested for stalking tennis player Sania Mirza over the past few days in separate incidents.

Police constables on Thursday nabbed Ajay Singh Yadav as he tried to barge into Mirza’s house apparently to profess his love and seeking to marry Mirza a day before she is to be engaged to Sohram Mirza.

Police said Singh reached Hyderabad in the morning and rushed to Mirza’s house and demanded to see her. When he refused to leave despite being warned the police took him into custody.

Yadav’s arrest came just a day after another engineering student from the southern state of Kerala, Mohammed Ashraf, was arrested when he tried to enter Mirza’s house.

Ashraf threatened to commit suicide if Mirza’s engagement ceremony was not canceled.

I want to make it plain and clear that I had absolutely nothing with these incidents. Sure, I have freely admitted in a recent post here on The Sportress that Sani (I call her Sani) is quite the comely lass, but what would I have to gain by sending these two Slumdog Millionaire-crazed hooligans to her house in for a dimwitted  and ill-conceived attempt to kidnap her and bring her to America?

What’s that? There is no mention in the story about them attempting to kidnap her? Huh. Umm, I guess it must have just been a hunch I had. Yeah, that’s it – a hunch. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some charter flights I have to cancel. Here, look at some more photos I dug up of Sani.







I see she enjoys Sprite. I too enjoy Sprite.

Come to Butthead.

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