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I Believe The Denver Post Just Blew My Freaking Mind


So, there I was, just cruising around the ‘tubes, checkin’ my feeds, you know, no big whoop, when I came across this headline from The Denver Post:

Kickball not just for fifth-graders anymore

Whaaaaaa? When did this happen? Did I sit down underneath a tree to take a nap and sleep for decades like Rip Van Winkle? What year is this? Adults are playing kickball now?I heard a rumor about some underground adult kickball leagues years ago but I thought the government took those out. Surely you jest. What kind of an adult other than a mental defective would want to play a child’s game?

Clearly, I’m just kidding. Brilliant reporting, Denver Post writer-person. Bravo. In the future, if you happen find yourself up against a deadline, I have some more jaw-dropping stories for you to dig into:

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I’d really look into that last one. Sounds like that could potentially be a pretty juicy lead. If I were the editors of The Denver Post, I’d put Woody Paige on that one toot-sweet.

Kickball not just for fifth-graders anymore [The Denver Post]