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(Yet Another) Fun With Headlines: Are They Implying That Jarrod Washburn Smokes Dope?


Yes, I know, I know – I’ve been leaning on these “Fun with Headlines” posts a little too often recently. I’ve been buried at work, I still want to make sure I get fresh content up and these are an easy means to accomplish that. Please bear with me – I’m slowly getting my head above water, so to speak, which is a good thing considering I’m a lifeguard.

I’m a bit confused about this headline on Reuters regarding Seattle Mariners pitcher Jarrod Washburn’s masterful performance last night when he shut out the Orioles 5-0. Why the quotes around “one-hitter”? Would they have used quotes around “no-hitter”? They didn’t place quotes around “shutting out” in the article. What gives? Should I be using quotes “right now” in describing their “use of quotes”? It’s all very confusing if you ask me.

In fact, if you look at this headline about A’s-Red Sox game last night, the phrase “two-hitter” is used in the headline, but without quotes…very strange indeed.

Which leads me to believe that the writers at Reuters (try saying that that 5 times fast) intent was to embed some hidden meaning via their liberal use of quotes.  That’s right, people – you heard it here first: Jarrod Washburn was high as a kite during last night’s pitching performance. In fact, from how interpret the story, he was so lit that at one point during the game he accidentally threw his one-hitter at one of Orioles players.

That’s the only possible explanation, right?

Seattle’s Washburn tosses “one-hitter” to beat Orioles [Reuters]
A’s Anderson shuts out Red Sox with two-hitter [Reuters]