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This Must Be What People Wearing Only Their Underwear Will Look Like In The Future


Are these two ever wearing any clothes?

In what feels like the 3,000th time, David Beckham and his wife Victoria are featured once again in another set of Armani underwear ads, and I have to tell you, these photo spreads get creepier and creepier with every passing shoot.

Seriously, what in the bloody hell is going on in this one?

“Okay, Victoria, you are a ruthless barely-clothed queen in the year 2369 and you have effectively seduced the king of a neighboring tribe that despite your similar desires to wear as little clothing as possible, have been mortal enemies for centuries. As you move in to draw the essence out of his body, you realize you have in fact not seduced him as he is actually not the king but an impostor from the past sent into the future to bring back stylish undergarments to an era where every man wore boxer shorts and women wore girdles…work it! Work it. Be the Queen, Victoria! ! Love the camera! What’s that? Why are you laying on a gigantic rope? Umm, it doesn’t matter. Oh, and Becks, um…why don’t you just sit there and do nothing…great. Beautiful!”

…Whoa. What just happened here? Why is my head spinning? Just a moment ago, I began writing a post about how hot Victoria Beckham looks in these new ads and I discover the above paragraph on the screen.

(notices several empty cans of ReddiWip strewn around desk)

Now when did I do those? Crazy friggin’ day, man.

Becks & Posh are in their underwear again [Epic Carnival]