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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (July 7th)


• Jason Whitlock confuses me. That is all. [Deadspin]

• Two interesting reviews of ESPN’s “Sportsnation” show that come to pretty much the same conclusion. You can probably figure out on your own what that conclusion turned out to be. [The Big Lead & FirstCuts]

• Video of Santonio Holmes getting himself a new tattoo and begging for an ESPY. Huh? [PSAMP]

• Chad Ochocinco says he intends to Twitter during games next season. Yep, that’s so going to happen, right, Commissioner Goodell? [With Leather]

• Finally, it has been making its way around the tubes today, but here is that video of some girl breaking a beer bottle with a drive. Jay Busbee over at Devil Ball Golf speculates that his video may be fake, but I’m not buying it. If I found out even one thing I read or saw on the internet was untrue, I would surely lose my already-fragile grip on reality. [H/T Devil Ball Golf]

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