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I Cannot Believe It’s Already Time For The Wisconsin Beer Cart Girl Pageant Again


Ahh, the Beer Cart Girl. One of the most revered and admired employees of a golf course. It is true there is not a more welcome sight out on the course than seeing that cart appear on the horizon, as the lovely young lady behind the wheel clumsily and erratically navigates her way through the rough, tearing across tee boxes and nearly rolling into bunkers – especially when the eight beers you smuggled onto the course in your golf bag are cashed before the 4th hole.

And leave it to the Great State of Wisconsin to pay homage to these under-appreciated and comely lasses who take care of us parched golfers so well with their Miss Beer Cart Pageant & Golf Tournament. Here’s the lowdown on the pageant:

The Miss Beer Cart Pageant is a competition designed to find the Best Beer Cart Driver in the State of Wisconsin. Drivers are nominated to compete in the competition. Once entered, drivers compete against one another in different events that involve speed and neatness on the beer cart, driving tests that include speed, agility and accuracy and also a question and answer session with our selected judges. Before the event begins, a long drive competition is held between the beer cart drivers. This is done on an amphitheater like setting on the first tee. Once the event begins, each driver gets her turn on the beverage cart. Votes are tallied during dinner based upon pre-round competitions, long drive challenge and service during the event. The day’s work is capped with the presentation of Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin.

Sounds fascinating, wouldn’t you say? If you happen to be in the Milwaukee area on August 17th, I’d highly recommend swinging on over to the Scenic View Country Club to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Beer Cart Girl Pageant. Better yet, get three of your buddies together and register for the four-person scramble (shotgun start and only $99).

Let’s take a look at some of the talent from pageants from previous years:


Certainly attractive young ladies, to be sure, but especially when you consider that this event takes place in Wisconsin. You would be hard-pressed to find a better-looking group of women in America’s Dairyland even if you set-up cheddar cheese-baited traps throughout the Badger State.

There are several other photos located in a gallery on the official site, but below are a few candid photos from last year’s event:


The above photo is nicel, but this one is by far my favorite:


Now this one surprises me. Who woulda thunk it that you would find white chicks flashing gang signs in Wisconsin? Apparently, the scourge has infiltrated and pervaded the heartland.

If you would like to know more about the ladies from last year’s pageant, each one made a video you can find here. I really hope Beth from Brookfield Hills won the pageant.


Yeah, I bet Beth could teach those young ladies a thing or two about beer cart driving, among other things.

Miss Beer Cart Official Site (via Star Tribune)