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Can This Be Done With The Yankees & Cowboys As Well?


The entire organization for the Iowa Chops, an AHL (American Hockey League) franchise, has been suspended for the upcoming season, due to violations of the league’s constitution and bylaws.

The Des Moines Register reported last month that club owners had used the franchise as collateral to obtain a loan, which is not allowed by league rules.

Well, it seems they got themselves involved is some pretty shady business practices, so I guess the suspension is warranted. But how can we go about having the same penalty imposed on the above-referenced teams? Even without egregious offenses that could potentially damage the well-being of their respective leagues, one would think that if an entire organization and its fanbase are nauseatingly irritating there should be something that can be done. Imagine how nice it would be to go through an entire MLB season without one mention of the Yankees and a whole NFL season going by with nary a peep about the Cowboys?

What a truly beautiful and glorious world that would be in which to live.

Dare to dream, people. Dare to dream.