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Tiger Woods Interviews Himself After Winning AT&T National, Becomes Frustrated With Boring, Safe Responses

Tiger Woods held off the hard-charging Hunter Mahan on Sunday to win the AT&T National and secure his 68th Tour victory by shooting a 13-under 267 for the tournament. As the host of the tournament, Tiger had the unique opportunity of presenting the trophy to himself. The care-free and loose jokester that he is, Tiger seized the opportunity to display his relatively unknown comedic chops and decided to have some fun with the situation as he interviewed himself.

As the tournament host, Woods then got to present the Capitol dome replica trophy to himself and interview himself on the 18th green — “So Tiger, how did you play today?” he said as thousands of fans laughed — and complete an unusual trifecta of winning all three PGA Tour player-hosted events in the same year, having taken the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March and Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial last month.

Ha! That Tiger. I must say, however, that it must be nice to do such offbeat things and have it be laughed off. Whenever I decide to interview myself in the shower at the gym, all I get is cold stares and hostile attitudes. But to be honest, that’s mostly due to jealousy on the part of those around me. Hey, if you’re large and in charge, why be afraid to let the world see it? Just don’t do it on the bus – apparently, most users of mass transit don’t appreciate the exquisite beauty of the human form. Close-minded ignoramuses, I say.

** video courtesy of Ryan Ballengee and his fantastic site, Waggle Room **

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