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If There’s One Person You Can Trust When It Comes To Baseball’s Steroid Mess, It’s Rusty Hardin, Attorney At Law


Rusty Hardin, the attorney for Roger Clemens, is now claiming that the pitcher was not one of the 100 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.

Rusty Hardin told the New York Times that Clemens obtained the results from the drug-testing company and provided them to Congress before his 2008 testimony by waiving his right to keep them private.

Players were anonymously tested in 2003 with no penalties. Hardin said he was revealing the results now because other players recently have been linked to the list.

Well, as long as Rusty Hardin says so, I guess we can put this baby to bed, right? Since Clemens allegedly didn’t get caught using steroids in 2003 must mean he never used steroids period. At least that’s what Mr. Hardin would like you to be led to believe.

And why wouldn’t you believe him? Look at the guy. He has that trustworthy appearance about him that you can’t quite put your finger on why you believe it to be so but you are certain must be the case. To me, he resembles a cross between Regis Phiblin and Liberace and if I were forced to choose, those are two people I would have always allowed to have my back.

Well, maybe not Liberace. First of all, he’s been dead for years so what good would it do to allow him to have my back? Second, I just don’t go that way – especially¬† when it comes to a flaming homosexual zombie whose sole desire is to eat my brain. I’m sorry, but that has trouble written all over it.

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