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ABC And TNT, You Ignorant Bastards


In one of the dumbest moves in the history of humankind, ABC and TNT have elected not to broadcast the upcoming British Open in high definition, opting instead to stick with shitty standard definition coverage of the tournament which begins July 16th at the Turnberry links course in Scotland. From an article on via Fanhouse:

After good news about the Tour de France and Wimbeldon being in HD, one of our favourite sporting events will once again be given as an SD up-conversion. The British Open Golf Tournament, scheduled to begin Thursday the 16th will not be in High Definition on TNT or ABC. . . again.

Last year we had high hopes that ABC/TNT would upgrade for this year. But after emailing our contacts at ABC and TNT both stations have confirmed that it will be an SD up-conversion. The golf coverage may still be good but it is disappointing to see that no steps were taken to get the British Open in HD this year.

What a bunch of goddamn mouth-breathing retards. Sure, TNT forces me to see the inbred-looking mug of  Zack Gosselaar’s or Mark-Paul Morris’ or whatever the hell that Saved by the Bell dickbag’s name is from Raising the Bar and ABC ensures I can see every age spot and wrinkle on Teri Hatcher’s catcher’s mitt of a face in high definition but not one of only four golf majors of the season? Golf is second only to hockey in terms of the increased quality of the broadcast and the subsequent enjoyment of an event due to its being broadcast in high definition. Morons.

Fuck you, ABC and TNT – you’re dead to me – you won’t catch me watching anything on your crappy networks. And I was just beginning to get into that Saving Grace show, too.

No I wasn’t. Every single bit of programming on these two networks is a steaming pile of shit. Except for their sports coverage. Now they went ahead and fucked that up.

You shall rue the day, you imbecilic networks. You have seen the last of the  “Save the Cavemen Show” petitions and focus groups being led by this hombre.

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