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The Morning Bowl (July 2nd): Joe Mauer Aspiring To Be A Rapper Makes About As Much Sense As Me Aspiring To Be A D.A.R.E. Counselor


• Joe Mauer is a wannabe MC. Please let this not be true. Please. It’s just not right, people. Stick to baseball, St. Paul Joe. [Big League Stew]

• chilltown breaks down the Tour de France drug-free. Wait. Does that mean he’s not discussing drugs or that he wasn’t using them when he wrote it? [The Rookies]

• A 17-year-old Portuguese girl alleges that Cristiano Ronaldo attacked her and her mother for videotaping him. I find this hard to believe – no way Ronaldo attempts to get involved in a physical alteracation with a girl any older than 12. [Sports Rubbish]

• Business_Socks selects Chris Carter as his Asshole of the Week. Excellent choice. [Style Points]

Fantasy Football: The Musical. A can’t miss idea if I’ve ever seen one. [Deadspin]

• Finally, video of a guy purposely allowing fireworks to be fired at his crotch. I have nothing to add. Sigh. [H/T Deuce of Davenport]