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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For July 2nd


Major League Baseball. Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs. The city of Milwaukee is only a couple of an hour drive from Chicago, so I imagine quite a few Brewers fans will show up. Tune in and see if you can figure out which fanbase is more intoxicated. [MLB Network, 8:00 ET]

•Tennis. The Complete Wimbledon. Watch highlights from today’s action. It’s not like you know what happened today – you have been hard at work and not pissing away time on the internets, right? [ESPN, 8:00 ET]

It’s like a comedy sandwich! Two episodes of the 30 Rock are the slices of bread and two episodes of The Office make the meat. Lather on any condiments you like, but close the windows, for your neighbor’s sake. [NBC, 8:00 ET]

I doubt this movie is a documentary about how to go about ordering one correctly. Mail Order Bride. I imagine this is absolutely nothing like what happens to a guy after he registers for an account on a “Brides of the Far East” website. Far less stabbings, heartbreak and issues with the INS, I reckon. [The Hallmark Channel, 9:00 ET]