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Just To Be Clear, The Sportress of Blogitude Does Not Condone Racial Stereotyping Of Any Kind


While it is true that the Sportress does not condone racial stereotyping; we do feel an obligation, however, to point out examples of them when they are too hilarious to pass up.

According to Skeets over at Ball Don’t Lie, what you are seeing here is a photo of Denver Nuggets forward enjoying some watermelon in Spain. He is over there taking part in some sort of gig where he is training 700 aspiring hoopsters (more information on Anthony’s trip can be found on SLAM ONLINE).

Also, be sure to head on over to Ball Don’t Lie to take part in the “Create-a-Caption” contest for the above photo. Call me a pessimist, but I can’t any way how that contest ends well.

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