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I Suppose There Is No Time Like The Present To Start Paying Attention To Women’s Surfing


This may come as a shock to many of you, but women are finally breaking down barriers and doing stuff that has traditionally been considered men’s activities. I know, I was floored as well, but apparently, members of the fairer sex are now engaging in risky pursuits like surfing. Who woulda thunk it? I guess all that hard work performed by Gloria Vanderbilt in the 70s with all the bra-burning and whatnot is finally starting to pay dividends. From a column on ESPN (found via FanIQ):

Fit, bronzed and running around tropical locales in their skivvies? Yes, today’s up-and-coming female surfers have the look. But for the first time since “Blue Crush,” when female surfers graced the pages of mags like Maxim and Esquire—the non-surfing world is paying attention to them. And the timing for mainstream’s newfound fascination with surfer girls? Couldn’t be better. With a bumper crop of hungry upstarts leading the charge at surf breaks all over the world, the sport is more legit than ever.

And if there is one groundbreaking periodical that has been at the forefront of the Women’s Movement since its inception, it’s Vanity Fair, who showcased these female pioneers (some of them not yet 18, by the way) in the most fitting and respectful way possible: documenting a recent bikini photo shoot.

Hooray, progress!

Video of the photo shoot and links to photo galleries after the jump.

(note: apparently, it’s perfectly acceptable to showcase underage girls in bikinis as long as you are a global media powerhouse like ESPN or Vanity Fair – I’ll probably get in trouble for it since I’m referencing it on a blog – don’t get me wrong, there is nothing smutty at all about the photos – I just found it interesting)

What a fortunate time to be alive and be able to witness history in the making. Girl Power!

What? The Spice Girls are still hip, right? Tell me what you want what you really really want, amirite?

Oh, a link to the photo gallery fromVanity Fair is what you want? Okay – you can find said photo gallery right here and the accompanying article here. Here’s a photo to wet your whistle:


By the way, the lovely young lady pictured above, Alana Blanchard, is 19. Have at it.

And you’re welcome.

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