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Fun With Headlines: Hey, That’s Not How You Spell Williams!


I guess even super-fancy-pants web sites like Reuters can have words misspelled on them. To be honest, I didn’t publish this to point out the failings of some poor, overworked proofreader employed by Reuters. Shit, you couldn’t swing a dead cat around this here blog without smacking the rotted feline carcass off a horribly-embarrassing spelling or grammatical error. Although I do wonder how you intend to go about swinging a dead cat around a blog – it’s all inside tubes and computers and the metal plate in my skull, baby! Ha! Sucker!

Instead, when I read the headline, in particular the misspelling of Williams, it made me think of something – or someone, more accurately –  I haven’t thought about for a long, long time. Sound it out with me: Willaims…Will-Aims…Will Aims…do you know who I’m referring to now?


That’s right! Former teen heartthrob and Charles in Charge-co starring thespian Willie Aames!

If you even dare question the wisdom of me referring to Mr. Aames as a thespian I implore you to rent Zapped! tonight. You will then regret you’re, um, daring of questioning or something.

Anyway, man, I miss that guy. May he rest in peace.

What’s that? No, I’m pretty sure he’s dead.

(checks Wikipedia page)

Huh. Well I’ll be damned.

Venus sets up all-Willaims final [Reuters]