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The Morning Bowl (July 1st): If You’re As Obsessed With Underwear As I Am, Do I Have A Post For You


• Saberhagendaaz would like to invite you to participate in a spirited match of  Lucky Underwear Match Game. [Style Points]

• Rockabye has the lowdown on the upcoming changes over at Gawker Media. Detailed, well thought-out and brilliantly executed, man. [The Rookies]

• The Top 10 Threats To Sports Blogging. I bet #11 was sunlight. [on 205th]

• Video of Chad Pennington in a photo shoot. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, it is as disturbing as you would imagine. [Tirico Suave]

• Worst. Bobblehead. Ever. They ain’t kidding. [The Slanch Report via With Leather]

• Speaking of worst, big ups to The World of Isaac for discovering this dreadfully awful gymnastics routine. Unless the gymnasts are retarded, then it’s just awful.

EMBED-Male Gymnastic Routine Fails – Watch more free videos