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NBA Sponsor News: Good Bye “Big Macs Make Me Yack”, Hola “Chalupa Make Me Poopa”


The NBA has decided to end their 20-year partnership with McDonald’s and instead have chosen to go with Taco Bell, signing a four-year partnership agreement with the fast food giant that makes the oh-so-tasty-yet oh-so-stomach-cramp-inducing “Mexican” food.

Taco Bell and the NBA have agreed on a four-year deal that includes ads for the fast-food chain on ABC, TNT and ESPN, NBA-themed promotions at Taco Bell’s 5,600 restaurants and NBA-themed advertising. Taco Bell will be the title sponsor for the All-Star Saturday Night Skills Challenge and an associate sponsor of the All-Star Jam Session.

Either way you cut it the cheese, it certainly is an impressive marketing coup for Taco Bell.

Heh. Coup. That rhymes with poo. Poo.

All kidding aside, I love both Taco Bell and McDonald’s. Speaking of which, I actually dined on Taco Bell for lunch today. (holds stomach) Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some “business to attend to.”

God, I have the sense of humor of a fourth grader. But that’s part of what makes me so endearing, right? Right?

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