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Like I Would Even Dream Of Skipping Out On A Chance To Publish An Ana Ivanovic Post!


On the heels of Ana Ivanovic’s withdrawal (heh) due to injury in the second set during her match against Venus Williams at Wimbledon on Monday, doctors have recommended that the young lady rest her torn left thigh for at least a week before resuming any tennis-related activities.

The nice guy that I am as well as being aware that Ana is an avid reader of Sportress of Blogitude (how I know this, I cannot say – privacy laws and such), I have come up with some suggestions as to how she can spend these next few days while her thigh recovers.

Some would say this is a cheap attempt to generate pageviews as well as make up for a slow news day by lazily publishing photos of an attractive, young female tennis player, but that’s where you’re wrong. You people obviously do not know me nor are you aware of the good deeds I perform on a daily basis. Shame on you.

On to my suggestions, an itinerary of leisurely activities, if you will.

Travel Europeana3

Take a relaxing swim (nothing to strenuous, of course)ana-ivanovic-59

Simply lounge by the poolana

If the pool happens to be empty, get dressed up and hang out in itana2

Hold up wobbly handrailsanaivanovic408_large_

Spend a little “me time” in an effort to better know and love herselfanaivanoviccasopisana0xj

Neck-stretching exercisesana-ivanovic-100

Spit-polish her trophiesana4

Spend a whole day in bed with an apple and a tennis just relaxingana_ivanovic_02

Get some sunanaivanovicfhm2-1

Increase bladder control while dressed fabulousana-ivanovic07

There you have it – if she takes these simple steps, she’ll be back on the court in no time.

And by the way, no thanks necessary, Ana – just doing my part.

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