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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (July 1st)


• Va-va-va-va-voom! Joanna Krupa, of Superstars and laying a verbal beatdown on Terrell Owens, um, fame, has a sister. [With Leather]

• Business_Socks has a day in the life of super-agent Scott Boras for your reading pleasure. [Style Points]

• Indian baseball players Rinku and Dinesh are making their pro debuts. If you’re not up on Rinku and Dinesh, search around Walkoff Walk to get the entire backstory. [Walkoff Walk]

• thederiddadrop entertains us with a great story regarding his attendance at a lower-tier wrestling match that took place at, of all places, First Avenue. Let’s Go Crazy! [The Rookies]

• samerochocinco has the best names from each NFL team, starting with the AFC. [Second-String Fullback]

• Jay Mariotti might be returning to the newspaper business? But…but he’s a blogger now and has gone on record as saying the newspaper business is dead. I’m so corn-fused! [Deadspin]