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It Appears You Don’t Have To Be A Drunk NFL Player To Get Sentenced To Only 30 Days For Killing Somebody With Your Driving


Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to charges of reckless driving resulting from an accident in 2007 that killed one person and injured two others.

Here’s how the accident allegedly occurred:

Police said Smith, at the wheel of a 2003 GMC Yukon, drove around a car stopped at an intersection and into the path of another vehicle on June 8, 2007. The collision ejected Bell and Smith from the SUV. Bell died two days later of serious head injuries. Smith sustained a sprained left shoulder.

I find it incredibly surprising that, according to a March 17th report in The Star Ledger, that “a grand jury in Monmouth County declined to indict Smith in October on the more serious charge of vehicular homicide, the matter was sent to municipal court,” considering that “Smith had amassed 27 points and five suspensions on his driver’s license. Between the time of the accident and October 2008, he accumulated two more speeding tickets and three more suspensions.”

Why wouldn’t the grand jury¬† have insisted on throwing the goddamn book at this guy? Clearly, he’s a danger on the streets and shouldn’t be behind the wheel of the car, given his repeated reckless behavior, in particular the speeding tickets and suspensions that occurred within a year-and-a-half after his actions took the life of one of his friends. This is not a person who is remorseful, or at the very least doesn’t understand the appropriate actions of a person who has remorse. This is a man who has been told his whole life that he was “special” and needn’t concern himself with the sort of things “regular people” have to worry about because he happened to be able to play a child’s game at an elite level.

Further, the sentence handed down is beyond comical:

Judge Debra Gelson of the Millstone Municipal Court in New Jersey sentenced Smith to 90 days with 60 days suspended on Tuesday and ordered him to perform 500 hours of community service with sick children in hospitals, the official said.

At least make the guy serve the full 90 days! Obviously, the judicial system in this instance was more concerned with clearing their docket of such trivial matters as one involving a person who goes flying through a stop sign, kills a person, injures two others and has the audacity to pile up additional moving violations before his criminal matter has even reached its conclusion. Obviously, the courts have far more important things to worry about, like the guy who got busted with a couple ounces of grass – lock that scumbag drug peddler up and throw away the key, I say!

Only in America, man. Well, I should say only in America – as long as your professional athlete and have boatloads of money. No way in hell an average person off the street gets this sort of sweetheart deal. Perhaps J.R. Smith should be think about how lucky he truly is when he spends a paltry 30 days in the clink – it seems to me that he clearly didn’t spend much time contemplating how his reckless actions contributed to the death of his buddy, Andre Bell, that’s for damn sure.

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