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If There’s One Person A Basketball Player Should Take Career Advice From It’s Stephon Marbury

stephon In an attempt to provide a public service to his fellow NBA players, Stephon Marbury elected to go public with his feelings about  the Knicks and informed those considering playing for New York to think again.

“I wouldn’t want to play in that system,” Marbury told The Post. “That system can’t win championships. You can’t win championships if you don’t talk about defense. In Boston, the coaches even play defense.”

I’ve always thought that once his playing days are over, Marbury should go into career counseling, especially when you consider all of the astute decisions he has made in his career. Most importantly, when Marbury decided he wanted out of Minnesota and forced a trade instead of possibly becoming the Stockton-Malone tandem by playing side-by-side with Kevin Garnett because he couldn’t be the number one player on the team.

Unfortunately, who knows what the future holds for the victimized Marbury, who is now “mentally damaged” from his experiences in New York.

“Mentally, what I had to deal with, the process with D’Antoni, the president (Donnie Walsh), it was mindboggling,” Marbury said. “Two people can’t make a decision and they have to go above them to Mr. Dolan. Mentally I was damaged and didn’t even realize it.

Do you know what boggles my mind? How this guy can still have a career in the NBA after essentially pissing away all of talent due to arrogance and selfishness.

Nevertheless, we should all feel bad for Stephon Marbury and the mental anguish he was put through by the Knicks when he continued to be paid millions of dollars despite being barred from interacting with his teammates and attending games.

No one knows how it feels to be him. Ain’t that the friggin’ truth.