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Donovan McNabb To Appear In Ad For IHOP And S.O.B. Has A Screenshot From The Shooting Of The Commerical


I can understand why IHOP would want Donovan McNabb to appear in a commercial for their restaurant, but why did they insist he actually eat their food? That’s a lot to ask out of somebody – have you ever eaten their food? It tastes like lard cooked in rancid grease and then left under the warming lights for 5 hours. Nasty.

McNabb will be featured in an IHOP commercial set to air in August. The Eagles quarterback is the face behind the restaurants’ new dish, the “QB Scramble.”

Unfortunately, the “Scramble” in the name doesn’t have anything to do with how the eggs are prepared but how you have to make a mad dash to the toilet after eating it.

In the end, I just hope IHOP had the wherewithal to edit the scene where the above screenshot came from out of the commercial.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an early morning breakfast meeting at White Castle. Very tasty!

Eagles QB McNabb featured in new IHOP commercial []