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The Morning Bowl (June 30th): Bill Belichick Is A Diabolical Genius


• We welcome samerochocinco and his new blog into the fold with his post detailing Bill Belichick’s plan to sabotage the AFC. Keep bringing it, sir. [Second-String Fullback]

• Business_Socks goes off-topic and ranks his 10 best old-school rap songs. No 3rd Bass? What gives? [Style Points]

• Rockabye delves into NCAA Football 10’s “Road To Glory Mode with Erin Andrews.” Meh. I’d be more interested if it were “Road to Glory Hole with Erin Andrews.” High-five!!! [The Rookies]

• A tribute to pitching great Lee Smith. [More Hardball]

• Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis believes bloggers have “raised the game.” Expect a scathing commentary from Jay Mariotti soon. [Mouthpiece Sports]

• Sadly, the final video of the Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentlemen featuring the society of gentlemen, er, heckling Stephen A. Smith. (sheds tear) [Sports Rubbish]