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NHL General Managers Will Now Be Forced To Spend Money Like Drunken Sailors

drunken-sailorsLook out, everybody – this could get ugly.

According to a report from Pierre LeBrun, the NHL salary cap is set to increase next season to $56.8 million, a whopping $100K from last season. This will surely to unleash a frenetic spending spree unlike anything the NHL has never seen. Teams will have no choice now but to sign every free agent for obscene amounts of money.

Numbers crunchers from the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association finalized the figure for the next season Thursday in New York.

The cap has risen for a fifth consecutive season since its implementation in 2005.

The salary cap debuted at $39 million for the 2005-06 season, the first season coming out of the lockout. It rose to $44 million for 2006-07 and to $50.3 million in 2007-08.

Well, I guess it’s better than the salary cap going down. You’re doing a heckuva job, Bettman.

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