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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (June 26th)


• Joe Jurevicius filed a lawsuit against the Cleveland Browns for the staph problem the team had that may have ended his career. It’s my opinion he could have sued them simply for having to play for the Browns. [With Leather]

• First Derivative landed an interview with Wysh from Puck Daddy and they discuss the NHL draft. Nicely done, FD. [The Phoenix Pub]

• Business_Socks has the inside scoop on the rumor that Brett Favre has purchased a home in Minnesota. Here’s another hot news item: Brett is coming over to my house tonight for a slumber party. My mom bought fixins for S’mores. It’s gonna be sweet! [Style Points]

• The guys over at The Rookies aren’t too pleased with the quality of service they are receiving from JustHost. Keep your chins up fellas, everything is going to be fine. We’ll all hang with ya until you get that shit sorted out. Fucking customer service, huh? [The Rookies]

• Tiger’s niece, Cheyenne Woods, made her LPGA debut today. Sure, she gets all the attention but what about Tiger’s other nieces, Boise and Montpelier? [Devil Ball Golf]

• You have to see this to believe it: representations of landscapes constructed entirely out of bacon and other meats. Mind-blowing, man. BACON!!! [Uncoached]