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Epic Fail By ESPN Sportsnation Poll-Taking Jagoffs


Granted, the sample size is small (under 7,000), but what does it say about the popularity of hockey in the U.S. when, according to a ESPN Sportsnation poll, more people believe that John Taveres, a near sure lock to be the #1 pick in tonight’s NHL draft, is a U.S. soccer player or Ricky Rubio’s agent.

Further, I question why the dipshits behind ESPN Sportsnation chose to conduct a poll about this anyway. Was it to make fun of the NHL’s lack of popularity in this country, the fact that ESPN does jack shit in the area of covering the sport, or both?

My guess is both.

Nevertheless, one aspect of the poll I found amusing was that the only two states where a majority believed that Tavares was the name of Ricky Rubio’s agent were Idaho and Kentucky:

“Tavares, huh? That sounds Mexican to me.  He’s gotta be that Ricky Ricardo feller’s agent.”

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