Sportress of Blogitude


Could It Be? Is It…Possible?


So, last night, I was checking by Site Meter stats like any good obsessive-compulsive blogger does frequently, and I noticed something unique about one of the active users on the Sportress (see highlighted entry).

Hattiesburg, Mississippi? Playing it simply by odds, the person on S.O.B. last night had to be The Gunslinger, Brett Favre, right? What are there, like 25 people who live in Hattiesburg? And how many of them have an internet connection, let alone a color tv?

I guess it makes sense, in a way. Perhaps Favre wants to gauge how a lowly blogger from Minnesota feels about him, right? According to my calculations, the Brett Favre tag has been used 15 times on the Sportress, far more than any other (except Anna Kournikova, lesbians and boobs!, of course).

Ain’t no stopping me now!! The Sportress is now going big time! Dozens of readers, here I come!