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Take That, ESPN! Preacher Says God Is Going To Let Terrell Owens “Bloom, Blossom & Bud”

The video quality is a bit sketchy and the audio isn’t synced up, but here is video of a horribly perspiring preacher man coming to the defense of Terrell Owens against the bad bad people of ESPN.  The preacher walks over to T.O. and addresses him personally, informing the wide receiver I have no idea when this is from or where it came from but I found it in my inbox this morning and I thought, “T.O.? There’s a guy you don’t hear much about.”

Although it just showed up on YouTube yesterday, considering the reference to Andy Reid, this must be from T.O.’s stint with the Eagles. My favorite part of the video are the subtle pelvic thrusts/”look at my crotch” moves by the preacher as he imparts his wisdom on Owens. Further, if this video is in fact old, does the preacher’s claims that T.O. is going to “bloom, blossom and bud” come true. That’s a tough call.

Despite the fact it is somewhat dated, there is a lesson to be learned from it: remember kiddos, when you have God on your side, there’s not mountain you can’t climb, no challenge you cannot overcome and no group of people you can’t alienate. Amen!