Sportress of Blogitude



Wow. Talk about intense, man. The poor kid is having a hissy fit – or a rage-fueled-nervous-breakdown-while-simultaneously-having-an-epileptic-seizure because his mommy cancelled his World of Warcraft account. I do have one question: how does he end up in his underwear while he’s under his comforter? Wait, I dont’ want to know.

I would say he’s overreacting a bit but you should see me when mom doesn’t buy Bagel Bites and Kool-Aid at the grocery store. I totally destroyed all of my LEGO Star Wars ships – even the Imperial Destroyer that has over 2,000 pieces – I was pretty mad, but that was a long time ago and I’ve learned to control my temper a little better since last week.

[Big old H/T to With Leather – you guys are the best]