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The Morning Bowl (June 24th): Old SportsCenter Commercials Edition


• Nostalgia alert! Taking a look back at the Top 10 SportsCenter commercials from the 90s. [Uncoached]

• Tragic, terrible news. Aplington-Parkersburg High School football coach Ed Thomas was shot and killed in the weight room of the high school. The inspirational story of how he kept his team and community together after their town was obliterated by a tornado in May of 2008 makes this all the more heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers, etc. [The Sporting Blog]

• On a much, much lighter note: photos of the Missouri Hooters Car Wash Team. Hey, if there are teams, it’s a sport. [Busted Coverage]

• Business_Socks explains why the U.S. sucks at soccer. [Style Points]

• Wsyh reports that the Winter Classic at Fenway will feature the Flyers-Bruins. [Puck Daddy]

• Big ups to Bootlegger Sports for discovering one of the most unintentionally disturbing videos ever to hit the internets: