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New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan Has Dsylexia


It’s not uncommon in the NFL for players to hide things, whether it be a nagging injury to personal problems at home. To admit having a difficult time with something is a sign of weakness, which is never something a player desires to become common knowledge.

The same goes in coaching – no coach wants the guy on the opposite sideline to believe they have an edge – which makes it all the more surprising that rookie head coach Rex Ryan has courageously admitted he has dyslexia.

“It was really frustrating,” Ryan told The Associated Press. “So much of school, you have to write, but I just struggled. I couldn’t help it.”

Coming from a family whose mother had a doctorate in education and a father who is considered one of the greatest defensive minds in NFL history made it especially frustrating, causing Ryan to wonder, “I was like, ‘What the heck’s wrong with me?”‘

Despite his trials and tribulations with his condition, Ryan hopes to be an inspiration to others who struggle with dyslexia.

“For the weaknesses I have with spelling and all those other things with being dyslexic, I have a lot of other strengths also,” Ryan said. “I want people to know that you can have dyslexia and still reach your goals.”

And for that, I commend Ryan – for his courage and for his desire to be a person others can look up to. Nevertheless, I simply hope his dyslexia doesn’t interfere with his regular job duties. For instance, here’s an example of play Ryan drew up for a recent minicamp:


I’m sorry, but I see potential for a lot of confusion and many broken plays. I mean, depending on whether Ryan or an assistant coach calls the play, players aren’t  going to know which way to go and will be running every which way on the field!

Ooh, that’s so wrong, isn’t it? Meh, what do you do?

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