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LSUFreek Wins The Internets Again: This Time With A “Clash of the Titans” Gif

LSUfreek, regularly featured over on The Sporting Blog,  has once again demonstrated his mastery of  animated .gifs, people.

Apparently, Tennesse Titans runing back Chris Johnson has decided he is changing his nickname from “Dash” to “Dream”, thereby ending his partnership with fellow running back Lendale White and their “Dine and Dash” joint moniker.

But that’s not really what’s important right now. What is important is taking the time to enjoy the sublime genius of LSUfreek. And to utilize one of the cheesiest films of all-time, Clash of the Titans, starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus and Laurence Olivier as Zeus, is a wonderful touch.

By the way, the fact that Olivier chose to take this role still blows me away to this day – it’s similar in scope in terms of the question, “Why in the hell would such a legendary actor compromise their principles to take part in a film like this?” as when Brando portrayed Zor-El in Superman: The Movie. Some things just don’t make sense.

One thing that does make sense, though, is the awesomeness of LSUfreek’s work. Keep on keepin’ on, sir.

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