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Just Because Other Sites Have Had Posts About Blair O’Neal Doesn’t Mean I Can’t


Already mentioned on Deadspin, Devil Ball Golf and InGameNow (which has a wonderful gallery of additional photos if you click through, by the way), it appears that Blair O’Neal is about to take the blogosphere by storm, if she hasn’t already.

Despite her appearance on several other blogs, I feel compelled to you, my readers, to ensure that you are aware of this young, budding talent. To paraphrase something the wise Norm once said on Cheers, “It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the Land of Blog, people, and I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.”

Her rise to internet stardom is fueled by the fact that O’Neal is currently appearing on The Golf Channel’s reality show Big Break XI: Prince Edward Island, which is described on its website as follows:

Now in its 11th season, Golf Channel’s hit series, Big Break, features 12 aspiring golfers competing in some of the toughest golf skills challenges ever devised like, the glass-breaking contest or the intimidating flop wall challenge. But the one thing that has not changed over the past 11 seasons is the passion and determination these golfers have to turn Pro. Each week the pressure continues to build up as one bad shot could be the difference from making your dream come true and going home. Watch every week as one person is eliminated until the final two golfers left standing play against one another in 18 holes of match-play golf. This season, for the first time in Big Break history, the players are battling it out for a cash prize of $100,000. The winner will have enough cash to finance their dream of playing on tour for an entire year. Watch as six men and six women compete against each other for the largest payday ever on the Big Break! An all new episodes every Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

O’Neal has played her way to the finals and from what I understand will be shown next Monday.

On to the photos, you pervs. Me, I admire her for her talents on the course, obviously.










Not too shabby. The fact she is appearing on a show with the Prince Albert in the title is oddly fitting, too, given that many of us gents out there would be more than willing to get the piercing that has Prince Albert as its namesake in order to get a crack at her.

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