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It’s Hard To Believe His Dad Didn’t Pay Off His Professors

jeff-michaelHis Airness must be hemhorraging money at the poker tables or something.

Jeffrey Jordan has elected to drop basketball at the University of Illinois next year to focus on his studies, according to an AP report.

The second-year player who walked on with the Illini said Wednesday he plans to focus on his studies. He says he’s ready for “life after basketball.”

Uh-huh. I see. For those of you who don’t speak Rich-kiddish, “life after basketball” directly translates in English to “living off the money my dad is holding for me in a trust account which I receive on the condition that I graduate from college.”

Not too shabby. I bet if Scottie Pippen had a son, he wouldn’t have received such a sweet deal. Not because Scottie would have been tougher on his kids than Michael is, but because Scottie Pippen is flat frickin’ broke, of course.

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